Ongoing = This means it's a longterm project with no set end date.
Planning = This means I'm planning the story plot.
Prepping = Getting ready to write.
Writing = Obviously working on the story.


I will always list the next five projects I'm doing here, and the homepage will list the first two.

  1. Rewriting and re-releasing Books 1 to 8 (ongoing)

  2. Hidden (writing) completed!

  3. The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 4) (prepping) (plotting)

  4. The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 5) (planning)

  5. Title 14 (planned as the prequel story for a series) (planning)


 Work schedule to be updated on 1 February 2019.

Work In Progress will be listed here after the initial plotting has been completed, i.e. when the work goes into phase two - the process of writing up the rough synopsis and detailing the story, also known as Planning. The "Ongoing" label only applies wherever I'm rewriting existing work.

I will not release the title information until TWO MONTHS before the release date, and the title is revealed at the same time as I reveal the cover for the work.

The names for "Work In Progress" are listed by series number and for standalone books, I will list an in-house project number identifier that corresponds with the listings in my notebooks.



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