Fade To Black: Science Fiction Collection


Colonisation of Mars began a hundred years ago. The colony is establishing more of the equipment and farms needed. One day the lights all switch off without warning. No one told any of them that digging too deep would uncover something from a distant past.

Angela Thompson is a duty manager of Team Four. When the lights go out she deals not just with the consequences of these unexpected events but also with long-buried secrets from her childhood…

There are things we just don’t know about space. The darkness hides the secrets yet undiscovered. Could we ever cope away from Earth, and how would people born in space view the planet they’ve never known…

Fade To Black: Science Fiction Collection by Nathalie M.L. Römer


e-Book ISBN: 9789198690613
e-Book Page Count: xx pages
Paperback ISBN:
Paperback Page Count: xx pages
Publication Date: delayed
Publisher: Emerentsia Publications

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Retail Price (in US Dollars): e-Book $4.99, Paperback $tbc (note pricing may vary based on the retailer)


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