Book Cover Gallery


Book covers that were designed by Nathalie M.L. Römer for her publications are shown/added here as books are published with links to Amazon (the links will come late 2019). All covers use fully licensed stock photos which were purchased from Shutterstock with necessary model releases on file where applicable. These designs are listed as NML Book Cover Designs on any website where a cover designer is included. Book covers that are not listed here were created by other designers which will eventually have their own showcase page with a link to the designer's website or Facebook page.


Relevations of Truth, Nathalie M.L. Römer Truth of a Betrayer, Nathalie M.L. Römer Donta Naughty, Nathalie M.L. Römer Marrida and Alagur, Nathalie M.L. Römer Emelyse and Bergas, Nathalie M.L. Römer Stolen Truth, Nathalie M.L. Römer Tainted Truth, Nathalie M.L. Römer


Hidden, Nathalie M.L. Römer 




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