How we list books on this website?

To the right, you can see the categories where you find a list of all written works, plus all of them divided up into specific types of publications. Above it, you see a menu listed, which does the same function except with genres.

On the book pages you find the following components, also referred to as metadata:
- the book title
- book cover image
- the blurb/description of the story
- ISBN information
- sub-genre(s), including our own in-house sub-genres as used in our in-house online bookstore
- the list price in EURO, US Dollar and Pound Sterling (we calculate all pricing from the US Dollar and currently we only list US Dollar with the other pricing being added later in 2019)
- series blurb/overview
- link to the EPWorld page (if it's a series) (the link to the page will be coming in the near future)

In the future, all pages on this website will a print-ready PDF file linked on the page so it's easier for you to bring along details to your local bookstore to order from them (OUR preferred place that you order from!)

We will also have a dedicated e-Catalogue of all the books coming in the future at our publisher Emerentsia Publications.


We also offer a Work In Progress page which provides a "twitter length" clue about the setting (the location), genre, when it takes place, and other clues we can push into 280 characters.


The official announcement of any book is ninety days before the publication day, when the title gets listed here, and replaces the cryptic clue listing. The cover gets revealed sixty days before launch in our Community Facebook group. The public announcement happens thirty days before publication on our Official Facebook Page.

Please note that we DO NOT list a publication date before we make a publication announcement, and note that the actual day of publication is always subject to change.



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