Welcome to our WIKI where you can read information about the worlds that author Nathalie M.L. Römer writes about. The first WIKI to happen is based on Keldarra, and although more extensive worldbuilding is going to happen on the EPWORLDS website, which is a proprietary website owned by Emerentsia Publications, Nathalie decided to create a small WIKI-like section on this website.


In addition to EPWORLDS, Nathalie has a book planned that will tell you additional information about Keldarra and the other lands in that world.


The difference between EPWORLDS and this WIKI is that EPWORLD is going to be a membership-based club where the worlds of ALL books written by Nathalie will be explored with additional stories to read.


book wiki start page


The sections that will be listed are as follows:

History - a brief historical description of a world.

The Lands - geographical information about a world Nathalie has written.

Regions and Cities - information about the way a region or city is governed.

Factions - if there are factions in a story they'll be explained here.

Notable buildings - self-explanatory; you want to know what a building is for.

Notable Individuals and Creatures - Primarily the people in the world.

Customs and Traditions - these get briefly explained.

Objects Used - notable objects used; especially if it's a fantasy world.

Self-Care - the food, drink, illness and medical care.

Nature - the plant life, animals and insects.

Languages and Dialects - explained as needed for real-world settings but described further for fantasy settings.

Time-Line - what happens when in a story.


This WIKI is expansive so you may want to come back often. If I can I'll add links to audio files or YouTube videos that also add more context for the 'Languages and Dialects' section.


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