Keldarra is a land under siege by the ruthless Wolf Riders. No one knows why they exist. An ancient prophecy foretold their ending. Against this setting, Marrida and Alagur set out to find answers about themselves and each of their factions, each suggesting a different outcome of the prophecy. They find more than just a simple myth. Each person searches also for an identity for themselves, a place to belong, a family to know and love... Will they succeed or fail? Start reading the series and find out...



Book 1: Tainted Truth
Book 2: Stolen Truth

Book 3: Truth of a Betrayer
Book 4: Revelations of Truth
Book 5: TBC
Book 6: TBC
Book 7: TBC
Book 8: TBC
Book 9: TBC


Nathalie has an expansive world planned for Keldarra. These are not the only books in the pipeline...


NOTE: Two previously released titles are undergoing a rebranding for re-release from 2020. The remaining books in this series will follow the rebranded format of titles. The titles for the rebranded books will be added here in due course.




The previous first edition titles of the first three books in this series, which are no longer published, consists of these three titles:

The Stone of Truth 
Second Elder of Ruh'nar
South Spires of Achellon


Book 4 for the original version of this series was announced but never released.




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