General Questions


I received spam from your site. What should I do?

We don't send out unsolicited emails. Complying with the GDPR Regulations, all your interactions with us, both on this website as well as on social media, is at all times OPT-IN.

Report such emails to your ISP as the sender will have used a method called spoofing to send such emails.

Our official news is posted in two places: the News section on this website and on our Official Facebook Page.


How do I find out if you're doing any book signings or appearances?

As the dates and plans change, we only announce we're at an event when it's confirmed with the organiser. We post details typically ten days in advance of the event.


Is there an Official Fan Club?

We run one on Facebook, called Wolf Pack Fan Club. It's open to readers of all Nathalie's books. You can also sign up to our website, newsletter and Message Board on this website to stay in touch.


What is your religion?

Nathalie identifies herself as a Pagan.


What is your email address?

Nathalie's public email address is NATHALIEMLROMER [at] EMERENTSIABOOKS [dot] COM. She does not give out her personal email address. Messages posted on Facebook and the Forum are read, but Nathalie does not have time to respond to them all. You MAY apply to be on Nathalie's personal Facebook friend list however it's quite full so if you find Nathalie's personal Facebook page you're encouraged to follow it. Nathalie regularly posts public posts of things that interest her.


When is your birthday?

January 9.


What is your political affiliation?

As someone, who actively endorses better human rights, Nathalie has chosen to be neutral in her political affiliation. She may give an opinion on political matters however this never means she sides with a political view. Nathalie does have a liberal outlook on society.




Why did you become a writer?

I decided to start taking the stories stuck in my mind out and put them on paper in November 2014. I started working on what would become The Wolf Riders of Keldarra. I haven't looked back since.


Where do you get your ideas?

From many places, especially from watching the news. There's something about seeing the real stories of people that speak to your soul and heart. You will find snippets of "real events" in every type of story I write unless it's contemporary.


Do you accept story ideas?

Sorry, I cannot accept any (also for legal reasons too!). I have plenty of ideas already in my notebooks that need to be written, edited, proofread...


Will you read my manuscript?

For legal reasons, I cannot read your manuscript. Any manuscripts received are destroyed unread.


I need an agent/publisher. Can you tell me the name of a good one?

I'm an independent author with my own publishing company. I don't have any active working relationships with any agents and for confidential, contractual reasons I wouldn't be able to give out names for either agents or publishers, so as not to give an impression that I'm endorsing someone.


Why do you use other pen names?

I decided it would give me a different audience. For legal reasons, currently, I'm unable to publicise the other pen names but I will do so in the future.


How can I get your autograph?

At official book signings or specific pre-signed copies on sale on this website. I don't offer signed photographs.



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