Nathalie is active on Social Media.


In addition to the above web links to frequently used social media sites Nathalie also has limited presence on a number of other sites, which will be added in due course below.

Here is a list of how Nathalie uses social media:

  • Twitter is her most active platform where she tweets about her books as well as tweeting about book and other related topics that interest her.

  • Her Facebook page is her defacto "newsletter" currently (though she will be adding newsletter functionality in Summer 2020 on this website). You can connect to her there, and be appraised of upcoming work (and ask questions about existing works).

  • Instagram is her "cover showroom" where all current released covers are on display.

  • Pinterest is used as an "ideas platform" where she shows off her interest in various topics and finds imagines that speak to her.

  • YouTube is a hotbed of videos that will interest both readers and authors alike. Subscribing is encouraged.

  • Connect with Nathalie on BookBub which is her advertising and early release platform.

  • Discuss Nathalie's books on GoodReads. Leave positive reviews here too!



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