"Our novellas are typically between 20,000 and 60,000 words long. The perfect reading material when you want a book read in a weekend or during a few lunch breaks at work..."


The format of the list is the title, any applicable series title, with the link to the title's listing page.


Current standalone novella releases (the newest title is always listed first):

Chase The Dream, 2020
Donta Naughty, 2020
Hidden, 2018


Current Companion Novellas (the newest title is always listed first):

Emelyse and Bergas, 2021
Marrida and Alagur, 2021

 Companion books are novellas that are set in the world of a book series I've written that take place in a different setting or time frame from the main story but which offer you, the reader, a chance to get to know characters better, or to understand the conflicts, certain world-changing events or the customs of such a world better. These books weave themselves in and out of the main stories, so check out the "READING ORDER GUIDE" that accompanies a series on its overview page (this feature is currently under development so watch for news of this in the newsletter or at our official Facebook page).


Read a book's First Chapter on this website. Click on First Chapters to the right.




First Edition Novellas (no longer published or in circulation; these books do not have a link to a page on this website):

Emelyse and Bergas, The Keldarra Series, 2017 
Marrida and Alagur, The Keldarra Series, 2016



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