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Current releases (first edition and re-releases; the newest title is always listed first):

Truth of a Betrayer, Book 3, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, 2021

Stolen Truth, Book 2, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, 2020

Tainted Truth, Book 1, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra, 2019



First Edition Books (no longer published; these books do not have a link to a page on this website):

Code Word Indigo, The Utopus Series (Book 2), 2017
South Spires of Achellon, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 3), 2017
The Mystery of Priory Mansion, L&L Investigates (Book 1), 2016
The Elder of Ruh'nar, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 2), 2016
Subject 37, The Utopus Series (Book 1), 2016
Stone of Truth, The Wolf Riders of Keldarra (Book 1), 2016



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