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This list includes both anthologies I've participated in and those of my own creation based on a theme. If it's a collaboration it lists the title (if the title is active it links directly to, and if the title becomes inactive it will link to a page on this website for historic archiving), the year of publication, and the name of the company I collaborated with. See the Collaboration Partner page for links to their websites or Facebook page for more information (not yet included). Inclusion of such links does not indicate an endorsement. Listings older than FIVE YEARS are removed from this page as needed.


(Title To Be Announced), Sci-Fi Anthology, 2023*

(Title To Be Announced), Christmas Anthology, 2021

(Title To Be Announced), Horror Anthology, 2021


(Title To Be Announced), Secrets of Me, Women's Fiction Anthology, 2021


The Race, The Awakening of the Unknown, Sci-Fi Anthology, 2021

Twelve Faded Candles, Erotic Fairytales From The Brothers Grimm, Fairytale Anthology, 2021

Bring On The Love...!, Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever, Romance Anthology, 2021

Heart of a Raven, Finding Forever Shifter Anthology, Shifter Anthology, 2020 (out of print)

Donta Naughty, The Dirty Dozen Vampire Edition, Vampire Anthology, 2019


Chase The Dream, Rags to Riches Cinderella Love Stories, Fairytale Anthology, 2018






(*) Subject to change)





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