Nathalie is an independently published author and the owner of her own publishing company called Emerentsia Publications. She is based in Gusselby, Sweden. She was born in the Netherlands and she grew up in Amsterdam, Netherlands in her childhood years and in Curaçao as a teenager. She has cultural links with the Netherlands, Britain, Curaçao and now also Sweden...


She primarily writes epic fantasy, futuristic science fiction, mysteries, romance with a twist, and is now venturing into fairytale retellings, dystopian stories, horror, and much more (just keep visiting to see where stories take you and the author alike).


She describes her style of writing as unapologetically wordy, because she has discovered that the best part of writing is weaving a world that's interesting to explore, to discover its back story, to meet its people, and find out what makes them tick.

Nathalie weaves each world with her own experiences into the stories, and will touch on various causes and situations that speak to her...






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