The Hand of War



Once warned that visiting his birth city would be dangerous, this also proves true for Marrida when they visit Ruh’nar under the guise of anonymity. It confirms certain visions from individuals met during their long journey as factual.

Using their scouting skills, they communicate their knowledge to the people in the city who prepare for a war.

A war that is already here.

The Hand of War by Nathalie M.L. Römer


e-Book ISBN: 9789188459275
e-Book Page Count: xx pages
Paperback ISBN:
Paperback Page Count: xx pages
Hardcover ISBN:
Hardcover Page Count: xx pages
Publication Date: delayed
Publisher: Emerentsia Publications
Name of Series: The Wolf Riders of Keldarra
Number in series: #6

BIC Subjects: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic | FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Retail Price (in US Dollars): e-Book $4.99, Publications $tbc, Hardcore $tbc (note pricing may vary based on the retailer)


In The Land of Keldarra

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