What Is The Mythos?

When Nathalie began writing her first ever novel, it was going to be a standalone. It was just going to be a story, and a relatively short one about an uprising that would end the Wolf Riders. That was it. But writing a book, let alone a series comes with planning, plotting, working out what happens when and if something from the past has an impact on the world as it is now that also needs representation. Somehow…

So from a singular book I went to five books. Hold on, you ask, but I saw on the Series To Get page there are nine books. How did you go to nine books? I was somewhere around halfway with book three – the original never published version – when I realised that certain things, as in the skills I had introduced (that existed in Keldarra’s past but NOT in its present day – that the book needed more books. I went back to the drawing board, got plotting more and realised that NINE BOOKS would be enough books to get all of the story of The Wolf Riders of Keldarra told. Then I looked at the notes I had amassed and decided it was a waste to not do something with them. Psst, come closer and I tell you a secret that ONLY the loyalest of my Wolf Pack (which I call my fans!) would know and can know. I’m not finished with the world Keldarra. I decided probably back in 2018 that more books need to exist in this world.

Thus I decided on naming this expansive world, and landed on the term Keldarra Mythos which IS a word you’ll find in the penultimate book of the series, as mentioned by a scholar who tells Marrida the words. She’ll discover much more but that’s all I can tell. (as River Song from the Doctor Who series would say: “Spoilers…”)

So, in the simplest terms, as it stands now, the Keldarra Mythos is all the books I’ll ever write in this universe, the websites that narrate more of the structure of the world, any visual imagery such as the videos I’ve created and placed on YouTube but also any art, possible tv series and/or film, printed encyclopedias, and even the discussions among my fans form a part of the Keldarra Mythos.

Btw. It’s always referred to as Keldarra Mythos as pronoun, capitalized and only if it takes place somewhere in Keldarra, its neighbouring continents or the rest of the planet… with a name I’ll reveal later…

Welcome to Keldarra, newest member of the Wolf Pack.
May the loyalty of wolves guide your heart, head and thoughts.

Nathalie xxx
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