Truth of a Betrayer



The coastal city of Achellon is one of the last strongholds of Keldarra.

It’s protected by Magi, who seemingly keep it safe from attack by Wolf Riders.

When they arrive at the city they’re greeted with suspicion, doubt, fear. Marrida already knows what fate awaits her in the city. When her predictions come true it’s up to Alagur to gain the trust of the citizens.

The South Spires is the bastion of Magi. What Alagur discovers quickly is that it doesn’t serve as a safe haven but as an instrument of fear.

He has tried to put aside his old life as a Wolf Rider. This city forces him to confront this past…

Truth of a Betrayer by Nathalie M.L. Römer


e-Book ISBN: 9789188459152
e-Book Page Count: xx pages
Paperback ISBN:
Paperback Page Count: xx pages
Hardcover ISBN:
Hardcover Page Count: xx page
Publication Date: 24 August 2021
Publisher: Emerentsia Publications
Name of Series: The Wolf Riders of Keldarra
Number in series: #3

BIC Subjects: FICTION / Fantasy / Epic | FICTION / Fantasy / Action & Adventure

Retail Price (in US Dollars): e-Book $4.99, Paperback $tbc, Hardcover $tbc (note pricing may vary based on the retailer)


In The Land of Keldarra

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