Hello, nice to meet you…

You found me by chance. Perhaps you saw my name pop somewhere and wondered ‘Who is she?‘ and ‘What does she write?‘ I’m the author behind the epic fantasy series The Wolf Riders of Keldarra which began its life as a story in mid-November 2014. Yep, I will have been writing for ten years.

I’m glad you found me. Hopefully, this is mutual and I found you too. Because readers are special to me. A fan is someone who’s both appreciative of my work and critical of it too. If you provide quality feedback I can improve my craft. First of, I cater both for the readers who just like something quick to read and the reader who wants to get into long, immersive worlds that captivate and suck you in.

I’m a visual person, at heart also an artist so if I can ‘see’ in my mind’s eye I show you in words what I can see.

When an author such as JRR Tolkien is this author’s mainstay, when an author such as Agatha Christie gives this author the feeling of awe in terms of the presentation of the mystery, and when there are numerous authors who I admire enough to care about being influenced by them, you know that what I want to bring MY readers is much of the same and bring them worlds of fantasy, mysteries and other such flavours of story that make them my fans, that make them want to join my Wolf Pack.

So, now I got you curious. What is this thing about a Wolf Pack. Where does this come from and why should you, my future or current reader care?

The name comes from the first ever publication, Tainted Truth (originally published as The Stone of Truth) that was published in 2016, and republished as an improved second edition in March 2019.

Author Nathalie M.L. Römer
Tainted Truth by Nathalie M.L. Römer

It began with Tainted Truth…

My first novel and which, originally, would have been one book, maybe something like 100k in length as originally envisioned. The story was simple. There was this world that was occupied, under siege, imprisoned?

All these options were open as I was brainstorming during the summer and early autumn days of 2014, whilst also trying to find me a ‘normal job’ but as the ideas stacked up of what had happened in this land, which had no name until late October 2014, as well as what was going on right now.

There was an enemy who was using deception and lies to get more power. There were the people whose fight against this enemy were directly inspired by the stories my teacher in Year 6 of primary school would tell of his involved in WW2. There was influence from JRR Tolkien as I wanted a big story like he had written, and I wanted the story of impossible odds against a foe that was seemingly undefeatable…

I created a beast of a story. By the time it was all written I was already thinking of the other four books. Wow, four? But there are nine books. Yes, there’s that nagging little thing you discover as an author. It’s called plot holes. I realised I couldn’t squeeze the big story I had created in one book, let alone five. It became seven. Then after several developmental edits it settled on nine… plus all the other stuff I want to still write in the Keldarra Mythos.

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