Blogger Interviews With Nathalie M.L. Römer

Coming in the future!

We’re going to add interviews with bloggers on this page in the future. If you’re a blogger and interested in conducting a written interview with Nathalie, send your proposal to her at the listed email address. Such a proposal is not a promise that you’d get a free book out of it, or that she could be able to arrange for competition material, however if the proposal is good enough Nathalie can make arrangements that are beneficial for both parties.


  1. You must be a professional blogger with an audience of at least 5,000 subscribers that should be displayed and should be verifiable on a credible outside website tracking source where your website traffic is visible. We ask for this minimum number as that’s when the “return on investment” begins to pay off which means it would be more likely we can offer one or more free books. (Note: this number is subject to change as we become more established as an author.)
  2. You should indicate which type of genre you’ll cover with your interview and we’ll make certain we’ll provide the suitable media kit for you to use alongside the interview text.
  3. Please allow at least six weeks advance contact with your proposal, and I’ll make certain all the needed material are sent to you two weeks before your proposed date of publication. Any books, if made available will be delivered as a private coupon on the Smashwords website, which will have a singular use and will be sent directly to any competition winner or eligible recipient from, for example, a mailing list subscription campaign. Such coupons are supplied at the discretion of our publishing company Emerentsia Publications.

You may not list the interview as any sort of solicitation, job offer or paid review other than the acceptable Amazon affiliate linking. You must disclose to us the ID of such affiliate linking. All materials and information you disclose to us are kept confidential and are treated under GDPR regulations, and other than the information needed to identify for tax purposes (for expense tracking) all information submitted will be deleted six months after your interview with Nathalie has been published on your website and listed on this website. If you delete the interview we’ll remove your link and delete all data immediately within 24 hours.

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